Physical Rehabilitation For Your Companion

Providing animals one-on-one care after an injury or surgery

From Head to Tail

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Treatment

At Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville, our certified canine rehabilitation specialists are here to help! Using active recovery methods, your companion animal can return to normal activities sooner than ever before.

Common Conditions We Treat:

Our Services

Our Services

Manual and Laser Therapy

Increase blood flow and range of motion while decreasing stiffness in joints

Balance and Strength Exercises

Strengthen weak muscles using a variety of exercise equipment

Wearable Device Fittings

We offer custom cart and brace fittings for your pets when necessary


Our Canine Rehabilitation Team Can Help

Our mission is simple, to give your best friend their best life. 

Benefits of Rehabilitation Therapy:

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Let us help your companion regain strength, mobility, function, and life through comprehensive rehabilitation sessions and pain management exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are by appointment only. Your veterinarian or surgeon will need to send a referral form.

When your pet gets injured, please seek medical attention from a veterinarian, and they will determine the appropriate timeline to begin rehabilitation. If your pet needs surgery, we typically see them around 2 weeks post-op unless otherwise specified by your surgeon.

Yes! We are also able to treat cats as the protocols are very similar to those of dogs. 

No, we do not have the capability for any diagnostic testing or imaging as that should all be done through your primary veterinarian.