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Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is used to promote blood flow to muscles and joints which helps to decrease pain and inflammation.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy includes soft tissue massage and joint mobilizations which help to decrease pain and improve overall mobility.

Underwater Treadmill

Hydrotherapy is a tool used to increase muscular strength,  coordination, and overall conditioning. The buoyancy of the water decrease the impact on joints while the resistance of the water works against the muscles to build strength.

Strength Training

Strengthening exercises are used to improve balance, coordination, and muscle mass and endurance. We use a variety of equipment to target weak muscles.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

By using these recovery methods, your companion animal can return to normal activities sooner than ever before. Our mission is to give your best friend their best life.

More effective postoperative recovery

Better functionality and mobility

Decreased pain and inflammation

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

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